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While checking your Facebook or Instagram feed, you are certain to see delicious food pictures scrolling by. Everyone from world leaders to celebrities and even your grandma seems to be posting scrumptious treats. While these self-indulgent pictures of a juicy whole chicken and colorful cakes might seem silly to some, great food photography is essential for others.

Food businesses like restaurants, cafes, bakeries, catering services, food trucks, grocery stores, dairies, food delivery services, and more thrive on the strength of food photography. A picture that perfectly captures the essence of a dish provokes a specific feeling that goes beyond hunger is the perfect picture. A photo of warm comfortable looking stew will encourage memories of the winter months and make the person looking at it crave to cozy up in front of a fire with loved ones. This is what your goal should be when taking photos of your food.

This also goes for food bloggers, there could be millions of chocolate cake or Rotisserie Chicken recipes on the internet, but what makes someone want to make your recipe is the food story composed with the images.

If you have whipped up a simple blog like the pantry challenge, you still need to include food pictures. However, the food pictures here would be raw food so you need to get extra creative in clicking photos. 

Food pictures can make or break your business’s product photo, social media marketing strategy, or blog post and can mean the difference between massive sales and loss. That is why it is essential to make sure that the quality of your food photography meets the standards that customers expect.

Creating beautiful food photography does not have to be complicated nor does it always involve hiring a professional photographer or purchasing expensive equipment. You can easily shoot professional-looking photographs with your smartphone.

Here are some simple tips for you to capture your food at its finest.

Define the Style

Before you start shooting, you will need to figure out what mood you want to go for. Do you want it to be happy and bright or want it moody? Then find out the biggest strength of your dish, its color, texture, and shape. Whatever it is, highlight it. With this in mind, set the scene by finding props that induce a similar feeling. If you have a warm, cozy dish, using a rustic, neutral palette for backgrounds and props will enhance that feeling in the photo.

Use the Right Light

Next, you need to shoot in the perfect light. You do not need expensive lighting equipment to produce incredible food photography. Shoot in natural light as you will get some of the best food photos. It is better to shoot near a large window that lets in a lot of light. However, if you are shooting at night, you can add lights. The most important thing to look into is soft shadows, use diffusion to soften up hash light by hanging a white sheet on the window. Diffusing light helps distribute an even amount of light over your entire scene and makes editing a breeze.

Create Harmony with Color

Before you start adding the props into the shot, you will need to think about color. Shooting with colors that work well and look good together you can create harmony and have a better chance that someone will like your photo. All the colors and shapes of the subjects and props should be complementary as they help create harmony for the eye.

These are some of the tips to take perfect food photos. After you have finished your photoshoot and have the photos you like, make them look even more delectable with photo editing with the help of an expert or photo editing tool of your choice .

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Disclosure: Our posts may contain affiliate links and ads. We may receive compensation for referring customers through these links and ads without any cost to you. 

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