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Intentional and practical ways to put extra money into your pocket.

1. Sell your stuff

Do you have stuff that you no longer need or haven't used for a very long time and want to sell it for real money? You can sell your stuff at online selling platforms like Carousell, Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, etc. It's about time to go through your closet, storage or your old books and decide which stuff you can let go of for money. Make sure to check the allowed items to sell and policies on the online platforms before listing your stuff there.

2. Tutor students

Tutoring helps students in the long term. It gives the students the skills they need to study and learn for success. Reach out to parents you know who may be looking for some help in tutoring their kids. Tutoring can be online or done face-to-face for one to two hour sessions. Determine the amount you will charge for each session.

3. Change your job

If you've been on a job for three years and you haven't had a substantial increase in salary, you may consider looking for other work opportunities. Staying on a job with stagnant salary may hinder financial freedom. Update your resume and search for a new job for a start. 

5. Start an online business

Online business is a great way to earn money. There is no limit to the audience you can reach on the internet today. There are billions of active digital users worldwide according to Statista. Convert your ideas into an online business and make sure to market it to your target audience. You may consider promoting products on your website through affiliate marketing and earn commission by referring customers to merchant's affiliate link you placed on your website.  

6. Offer freelance work

Offer freelance work to clients that matches the skills they need. There is freedom in freelancing as you can choose the clients you want to work with and the type of work you want to do. You will enjoy being the boss of your own time and having the control over how many jobs you take while earning extra money.

7. Cut down your expenses

List down where your money goes every month. Ask yourself questions like, "Do I really need that extra data on my smartphone?", "Can I reduce the days I eat out or buy take-away food and just make time to cook food at home?", "How can I reduce my electricity bills?" Create a monthly budget and follow it. Every time you shop, ask yourself, "Do I need this?". Scrutinize your expenses and it will pay off over time. Cutting down on expenses doesn't mean depriving yourself of something good, it is being in control of your finances.

Do what works for you best and take control of your finances. All the best on your financial journey!

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Disclosure: Our posts may contain affiliate links and ads. We may receive compensation for referring customers through these links and ads without any cost to you. 

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