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Graphic design is more than just brand identity, it delivers benefits that surpass visual appearances. Good graphic design empowers brands to inform, educate, and persuade the audience through color, typography, and form. However, the graphic design world is a dynamic landscape exemplified with rapidly changing design styles and trends each year. 

So, 2021 is around the corner and various design trends will dominate in the year. Here in this article, we will talk about the emerging trends you should keep an eye on in 2021. 

3D Design

The 3D design is not a new trend, but it is getting cooler. It is one that has made the most of modern technological advances and software capabilities allowing designers to create masterpieces to showcase new dimensions and environments. With the rise of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in UI web design and apps and increased internet speed, the 3D designs will be taking the center stage or even dominating the entire page. You can create a free website with Weebly and design your website with the design trend of your choice from customizable web pages.  

Muted Color Palettes Design

Muted color palettes design is another design trend to dominate in 2021. Muted colors are the ones that have low saturation, and these colors feel safe and secure. Muted colors help add a nostalgic feel enticing the user to click and land on your website. In addition to this, this color trend feels natural and organic as well. 

Realism and Flat Design Blend

Realism is used for real-life objects to make the design authentic, genuine, and relatable, while the flat design is simple. These two designs are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but when combined they stun the viewer’s eye. This trend is gathering pace and most of the fashion websites and editorial photography sites will be using it in 2021. 

Emoji Design 

Emoji are a ubiquitous form of pictograms that allow designers to add emotion to websites, statements, or printed media. The use of emoji creates a reaction and response, lightens the mood, and communicates the underlying feelings. The trend to use emojis in design is likely to pick up speed in 2021 and designers need to be more creative and imaginative to use this graphic design trend. 

Flat Icons and Illustrations

Custom Illustrations have become a clever way of getting your design to stand out from the rest with their heavy graphic elements, clean and minimalist look. Illustrations are more varied, interesting, multi-technique that helps enhance the design whilst keeping on point, and in line with the ethos, you want to present. While icons are a powerful tool for visual communication, where you can communicate meaning in less space easily. 

The world of graphic design is experiencing unparalleled growth, and if you want to be on top you need to change with the trend. The above-mentioned design trends of 2021 are here to inspire you and lead you in the right direction. So, keep an eye on them and stay ahead of the game. To create your website for free with the latest design trends you can sign up on Weebly website builder to get started and grow your business online. Here's an entrepreneur's checklist to sell online. 

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