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Easy, actionable steps to get you started in making your dream business a reality. There are 8 essential steps to get started.

1. Create a business name

The business name says it all about the brand. Brainstorm ideas on possible names that will make a strong brand presence and is easy to remember. There must be a deep reason and story behind the business name. It is recommended to align the business name with your core values and mission in life. Shopify provides a free business name generator tool for an online store.

2. Identify sellable products or services 

There is no business without a market. Conduct a survey or market research on what people are looking for to buy and help them with that by creating marketable and sellable products and services. Survey Monkey is one of the many platforms to do market research. Before pursuing a business, it is best to know the demands in the market.

3. Create a business logo and brand 

Seek professional help for your business logo design and brand from graphic designers, like our company Bluepen Creative Studio. It is best to get an expert who is skilled and experienced to carry out this work for your new business, unless you are a graphic designer yourself. 

4. Find a business location

Business location depends on how your business will operate. Many growing businesses are operating remotely with virtual teams and virtual offices in place. Where a physical location and workplace are necessary for your business operation, scout the best location to suit your business needs..

5. Register your business 

When the above 4 steps are in place, registering your business is the next step to formalize and legitimate your business venture. It is best to hire a credible company like a lawyer or accountant who understands the business registration process and requirements.

6. Know your business tax obligation

Don't overlook and put tax obligation aside to avoid penalties because of misinformation. Get an internal or external accountant team to manage the tax matters with you or your trusted partner.  

7. Set-up a website and social media accounts

A business with online presence is likely to be found credible and makes a good impression. In the internet world today, people mostly go online for anything they are seeking to buy or information they want to know. With a business website and social media accounts, your business is a click away in reaching potential buyers and clients. To get started, create a free website with Weebly and build your business presence online. Checkout the entrepreneur's guide to sell online, and learn how to develop and market your brand to generates sales.

8. Hire a copywriter to write about your products or services for digital marketing

A great digital marketing copy is vital to market your products and services online. An excellent copy leaves the target audience wondering how your products or services can benefit them. Consider hiring an expert in digital marketing for your new business. 

9. Hire people and set-up a team 

Hiring a freelance or a permanent staff is setting up a foundation for your business. A great team in place is beneficial to grow a business in the long term.

Starting a business takes courage, persistence, focus and commitment. Believe in yourself that you can do it.

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Disclosure: Our posts may contain affiliate links and ads. We may receive compensation for referring customers through these links and ads without any cost to you. 

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